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Hardwood floor refinishing restores beauty, durability and lifespan


Hardwood floor refinishing In Myerstown, Lebanon, Reading, Lititz and surrounding areas

Hardwood floors lost their original shine? Elco Floor Coverings hardwood floor refinishing will restore and renew the longevity of your floors as well.

Elco Floor Coverings understand that while hardwood floors have an excellent reputation for long-lasting beauty and durability, they eventually do need hardwood refinishing. This process can affordably restore their great shine and good looks and avoid the high cost of complete flooring replacement.

Hardwood floors are also a good investment, because they add value to your home. They require minimal maintenance; a sweeping or vacuuming easily removes any loose dirt. Furthermore, a damp mop will usually clean away any other soil remaining.

Eventually, however, your floor may need a bit more than the usual amount of homeowner TLC.

Keep the fresh look with hardwood refinishing

Nothing stays new forever, so your hardwood flooring finish may become lackluster, faded and even scratched. If you have a very active household, especially with children and pets, your floor will eventually start to exhibit signs of wear and tear. When this occurs, it’s probably the right time to consider affordable hardwood floor refinishing.

New hardwood floors are protected with a coat of urethane that gives it a nice sheen and keeps it protected from scuffing and soiling. Over time, foot traffic, furniture, pets and dirt can wear down the finish. This causes dulling and makes it more prone to scratches.
Hardwood Refinishing near Lebanon, PA at Elco Floor Coverings

Hardwood refinishing offers benefits

When professionally done, hardwood floor refinishing can completely restore your floor to like-new condition. Elco Floor Coverings professional refinishers have the in depth experience to quickly restore your floors back to their original rich shine.

Hardwood floor refinishing works like this

Elco Floor Coverings professionals will come out to your home and completely remove the dull, faded hardwood floor surface, exposing the fresh wood underneath. They will also fix more serious damage like deeper gouges, stains or water damage. They will then apply a strong, long lasting coat of urethane that will remain in place for many years. Finally, our refinishers will buff the new surface to a rich shine and your floors will look just like they did when they were first put in.

Elco Floor Coverings is pleased to serve customers in Myerstown, Reading, Lebanon, Lititz and other nearby Pennsylvania areas. For hardwood refinishing of the floors in your home, Elco Floor Coverings in Myerstown, Pennsylvania will be there to discuss your options, answer your questions and provide you with a free in-home estimate. Drop by our showroom in Myerstown to chat with one of our hardwood refinishing specialists.