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Kitchen & bath remodeling upgrades the look and increases the value of your home


Kitchen & bath remodeling in Myerstown, Lebanon, Reading, Lititz and surrounding areas

Elco Floor Coverings offers the latest in appliances and countertop styles plus professional quality kitchen & bath remodeling services at affordable prices.

It’s a good idea to think about kitchen & bathroom remodeling at least every 10 years. Elco Floor Coverings recommends this upgrading simply because appliances improve every few years and flooring and countertop styles constantly change as well. Keeping your kitchens and bathrooms up to date will make your home a pleasure to live in and increase its value should you decide to sell.

The best way to increase the value of your home through kitchen & bathroom remodeling is to use more common colors. This surely doesn’t mean the ‘look’ has to be subdued. You can choose outstanding granite countertops for your kitchen and bathrooms to give them a beautiful and modern appearance that homebuyers will love. For something that’s a little more dramatic, you can apply new paint colors. Let’s face it. The kitchen and bathroom are the first thing most buyers look at and the appearance will have a great influence on any buyer’s decision.
Kitchen Remodeling near Reading, PA at Elco Floor Coverings

Remodeling ideas for your kitchen & bathrooms

  • Granite Countertops – Granite countertops are a very popular choice for a kitchen upgrade, but they are also often chosen for bathroom countertops too. This is one option that should definitely increase the selling price of your residence. Granite countertops are a very durable option since you can put hot pots and pans on granite, slice vegetables without risking burn marks or scratches on their surface.
  • Flooring – It is very important to select the proper flooring products for your bathrooms and kitchen. Some people prefer hardwood floors in their bathrooms & kitchen, but this often isn’t the most practical thing to do. Naturally, if you have a great finish on your floors they will be less likely to be damaged if water falls on the wood. However, most flooring dealers will usually recommend tile for a bathroom floor. Not only is tile functional, it is also easy to clean and will last longer. From the style perspective, there are a great many colors and design options to choose from.
  • Color – It is also important to choose the correct color scheme for your kitchen & bathrooms. The design team at Elco Floor Covering in Myerstown can help you determine which colors complement each other and therefore look the best in your home.

Elco Floor Coverings has a showroom in Myerstown, Pennsylvania. We also serve customers in Lebanon, Reading and Lititz and surrounding areas. When considering remodeling the kitchen & bathrooms in your home, Elco Floor Coverings can answer all your questions and do an outstanding job.