What is luxury vinyl flooring?

Are you in the market for flooring that has both functionality and style? Do you need flooring throughout your entire home? Then luxury vinyl may be what you are looking for.

Two types

Luxury vinyl comes in two types: plank and tile. Plank is used for wood-look floors, while tile is used for tile, stone, and brick-look floors. Plank has a plastic wood composite core, whereas tile has a plastic stone composite core. Both cores are waterproof, so extended periods of exposure to water won’t curl, warp, or damage the vinyl in any way. This makes it ideal for basements, where there is a higher moisture content than average. Thanks to reproductive imaging technologies, you get a three-dimensional image in the core layer that faithfully reproduces the wood, stone, tile, or brick to an exacting degree. Plank is also known as LVP, and tile is known as LVT.

Multilayer Construction

LVP and LVT have a multilayer construction. It is several layers of the image design layer pressed together. Then a protective layer is pressed on top. Some manufacturers put an additional layer on the top layer to prolong the life of the vinyl. Most luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile are 8 millimeters thick. However, if you want thicker, you can get up to 20 millimeters thickness which will add to the product's life. The core layer resists scratches, dents, scuffs quickly.

Let us help you

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