A carpet re-stretch can make your rug look like new! Over time your carpet installation may start buckling, wrinkling, and looking "loose," but this is not a manufacturer defect at all. Many things, including everyday wear, can cause it.

One of the many services at Elco Floor Covering, your carpet store in Myerstown, PA, is the re-stretch. While the room doesn't need to be empty, at least 50% of the furniture should be moved out. Otherwise, the professionals won't have enough space to work, which can negatively impact the process. Please note, however, that the amount of furniture you'll need to move depends upon certain factors such as the size and weight of each piece.

We use a power stretcher, a long, thin tool with tines at the head to pull the rug from the tack strip and then push it against the wall.  We then re-attach it to the tack strip and do any necessary trimming. This will hold the rug in place tightly, despite heavy foot traffic and cleanings.

What causes the need for re-stretching?

Often humidity is the culprit; excessive moisture can get under the rug, creating small pockets of air that keep it from lying flat.  Other things, such as dragging heavy furniture, using the wrong padding, or even having an incorrect installation, such as using a knee kicker rather than a power stretcher, can also do it.

Incidentally, most carpet warranties require the use of a power stretcher for large areas. While knee kickers are also used for stretching, they are only used for small spaces, such as a closet.  Be sure to check your warranty; if instructions aren't followed, it can void the protections.

Whether you want a quality flooring installation, carpet or custom area rugs, or a tub and shower surround, consider Elco Floor Coverings your one-stop source. Visit our showroom in Myerstown, PA, especially if you live or own a business in or near Lebanon, Reading, Lititz, and Hershey.  We hope to see you and look forward to giving you a free carpet quote.